about my work

During the process of working I am striving to break through concepts and to enter a space which is beyond my constructions and limitations.

It seems necessary to accept that things do not exist accordingly to my planning. The frame seems to be larger than my daily perception presents it to me.

Therefore I do not have a conceptional message to be put inbetween the artwork and its user but enjoying them if they get into direct communication. I like people to just dive into the work, letting themselves being inspired to their own thoughts and paths.

Since 2006, after many years of site specific installations, my focus is on painting. The blissfull experience of colour to me is easier induced by the direct and fast process of acrylic painting. And still, it is a three-dimensional space being created. As before I work quite basicly without much technical additions. In actual itís canvas, pigments and acrylic fixation. The rest are thoughts and feelings.

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